• Chicago Recap from Fashion Matters Chicago

    The final weekend in March, Leonor had the honor to speak at Fashion Matters Chicago!  She gave an inspiring speech on how she started in this business, balancing work and personal life, and beginning her very own line. 

    The venue was gorgeous, a very cute hotel called Deer Path Inn located just outside of the city.  The event was set up luncheon-style, creating an inviting environment for everyone in attendance.  Leonor spoke for a couple of hours, followed by a runway show with styles from every collection she has created!  Then there was a panel with other speakers including Katy Rosa, Chicago blogger and creator of @modlychic, Kaitlin Fitzgerald a senior stylist at Trunk Club, Katy Egan a personal stylist and image consultant, and Naomi Hira, co-Founder of NAOME, a Chicago-based make-up company; all moderated by Mary Presberg, a director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).  Talk about incredible women to be surrounded by!

    Leonor joined the panel for Q&A and discussed different topics related to elevating women's inherent beauty.  It was a super inspiring event, having heard so much positive feedback from so many! 
    It was truly an honor to have been included in this event alongside such exceptional company and attendants, and for it all to take place in such an exciting city like Chicago!  Looking forward to returning soon! 
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  • Spring Launch!

    This is hands down one of our favorite seasons here - there's nothing like seeing everything in bloom, and especially getting some warmer weather back! 

    Since Spring has sprung, we wanted to share an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of our Spring 17 collection.  Below are some of our favorite styles from this collection!  There is nothing like fresh prints color to set us in the perfect direction with our spring wardrobe.  We hope you enjoy and are as excited as we are about our Spring launch!

    See full lookbook here! https://leonorsilva.com/pages/spring-17-collection

    It's so neat watching the fabric swatches and sketches come to life!

    We are so excited for this collection and hope you all are, too!  What is your favorite piece? 


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  • About Me :)

    Hey there! For everyone out there who doesn't know me, I just wanted to give you a bit of background info on myself and how and why I started this business! 
    I actually currently live in Pamplona, Spain, in a little house on the prairie, with my husband and two kids. I had no idea life would lead me this way! We moved about 4 years ago when my husband decided to go to med school here. So here we are, for about two more years, until he finishes med school, and then we'll head back to the U.S.
    I was born in Venezuela, my favorite place on earth. I had a very happy  childhood spent between the mountain valleys and long beach days in the Caribbean. Venezuela used to be much safer, and we spent weekends horseback riding at "haciendas" and the beach. My family traveled a lot and I usually spent every birthday in Disney World.
    My family eventually moved to Boca Raton, Florida, where I went to high school and started playing soccer. We moved back to Venezuela, where I graduated with my friends and when on to study both Fashion Design and Liberal Arts... All while playing professional soccer at the same time. Life was pretty busy and good!
    When I graduated from Fashion Design, I started working with a designer in Caracas, but I knew in my heart that what I really wanted was to start my own business. I had no idea how to do it, so I found a Master's Program in Fashion Business Management in Paris that I felt I needed to do. 
    Moving to Paris all by myself was a bold move. It was the most amazing decision I've ever taken! But I will write more about this in another post later on :)
    I had the opportunity of working in the Chloé studio alongside Hannah McGibbon, who I think is a genius. 
    I stayed in Paris longer than expected, working in Hugo Boss. I was loving every minute of it, but then I met Carlos (also another good story) who lived in New York.
    I made another good decision here. I actually moved to New York for him (and because I got a job at Carolina Herrera!) and it paid off. Three months later we were engaged.
    Working at Herrera was one of the best experiences of my life. She is so wonderful, funny and witty. Her good energy really trickles down her whole company. 
    Unfortunately I had to quit when we moved to Spain, but moving here made it possible to finally start my own business. I was three months pregnant with our first son, Sebastian, when we moved. I knew I had to do something with my life here, and my family encouraged me to follow my dreams!
    And that is how this all began. We now spend our days chasing kids, dancing in the kitchen, and sketching and sewing.
    I hope to see you back here and get to know you more! Make yourself comfy and let's be friends! I'd love to hear from you!


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    I have followed blogger Mary Lauren for a while and LOVE her blog, Headed Somewhere. She has such a great eye and style, plus a beautiful family and the best pictures!

    She wore one of our dresses recently, and looks SO cute in it! Couldn't help but share it here:


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